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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PartingOut.com brings together buyers and sellers of used auto parts. Anyone can participate as either a buyer or seller. We make it easy to find parts, list vehicles and their parts, and negotiate a deal just like you would face-to-face. We help facilitate the transaction, but you make the deal first-hand with the buyer or seller. You can work out payment details on your own, or you can handle payments through our site via PayPalTM

If you only wish to buy parts, it doesn't cost you anything. We won't even ask you for your credit card! You are only bound to the payment terms of sellers you interact with.

If you wish to sell parts, you can do so very affordably - see our Fees Policy for our current listing and commission rate. This allows us to maintain and make improvements to the site. If you wish to use our integrated PayPalTM payment, any fees PayPalTM assesses on your transaction will apply.

You are free to search vehicles and part listings without registering. However, if you wish to message someone on the site, or buy or sell parts, you will be directed to either log in or register before you can do so.

This is so the other party knows who they are dealing with, since this site is about person-to-person negotiations and transactions. Our registration is very simple; we only ask for your name, username, password, email address and mailing address. The reason we need your mailing address is so that sellers know where to ship parts (or send payment). This information is private to others until you finalize a deal with them.

PartingOut.com follows an approach called "Vehicle First". To find the parts you want, you need to search your vehicle first. You can either search by choosing Year range, Make and Vehicle Type, or you can simply enter in your vehicle's VIN and those fields will be decoded for you.

PartingOut.com will search for vehicles that match the one's you're looking for. Click on any returned result listing to see what parts the seller is offering on the vehicle.

Many times it may happen that sellers may not list any parts on their listings. The seller might still have those parts but do not have time to add them to their PartingOut listing. In such cases you can simply nudge the seller by asking a query or directly making an offer. In both cases, the seller is alerted through our internal alert system and via email. From there on you can get into a negotiation with the seller and get your parts.

In the top right hand corner of every vehicle listing is a "Seller Billboard", with the name, photo, location, membership date, and feedback rating of the seller. You will also see a button "Ask a Question" which you can use to ask question about that specific vehicle listing and parts or simply send a general message. This alerts the seller that you are looking for some parts. From here onwards, you can either get into a conversation with the seller or ask him to send you an offer. You can review all your questions and messages, both received and sent, in your PartingOut.com dashboard.

To purchase parts, you need to negotiate a deal with the seller that you both accept. PartingOut.com offers two ways to negotiate a deal.

  • Ask a Question (I don't know what price I should pay)

    It all depends on whether you know the price for the parts you want. If you are unsure what price should be quoted, simply ask a query about the parts that you are looking for, by clicking on "Ask a Question" button. Now the seller gets your question and he responds back via a message or directly sends you an offer with price and shipping details. From here on you get into a negotiation with the seller and conclude to a price and shipping policy that you both accept. Finally you make payment to the seller and get your parts.

  • Make an Offer (I know what price I want to pay)

    If you know the price you want to pay for your parts, you can directly send an offer to the seller. The offer process is very simple and straight forward. You have to follow these steps to make an offer:

    • Click on "Make Offer" link or button. This redirects you to another page.
    • Select the parts that you are looking for
    • Enter your offer amount & conditions
    • Select a shipping policy & offer validity
    • Submit your offer. It's that simple!

    When you make an offer, the parts dropdown box gives you the list of all the parts a vehicle can have. You just need to select them. The offer conditions can contain your expectations about that vehicle or parts. Shipping policy talks about whether you will be picking up the parts yourself or the seller should ship those parts to you. Finally the offer validity talks about how long the offer can be live. Once the validity period is over, that offer gets expired.

    Be sensitive to the time limit of your offer - this starts counting down the moment you submit your offer, and cannot be changed. You'll want to give enough time for the seller to review your offer before it expires. If you need a quick decision, however, you may shorten the time limit to reflect that.

    Once the offer is submitted you just have to wait for the seller to respond back. This way you get into a negotiation with the seller and conclude to a price and shipping policy that you both accept. Finally you make payment to the seller and get your parts.

To negotiate with the seller, you must first enter into a deal as mentioned above. Once you send an offer to the seller or your seller sends you an offer, you can both start negotiating.

When the offer thread begins, the receving party always gets a chance to respond back. So if you have sent an offer to the seller, now it is seller's chance to respond back to that offer. And the same applies if seller sends an offer to you.

The receiver may Accept, Decline, or Counter your offer. If the other party counters your offer, you will be alerted through our internal alert system and email that the offer has been countered. Once both parties agree to an acceptable price and shipping policy, the receiving party can accept the offer. If any party does not agree with the condition or price, they can always counter it back or decline the offer.

Countering the Offer: When the receiver receives the offer, he gets a chance add or remove parts, change the offer amount, conditions and shipping policy. This process is called "Countering". For ex: If buyer sends an offer of 100$ for couple of parts, its the seller's turn to respond back. He can now add or remove parts from that offer, change the price and shipping policy and submit that offer. This newly submitted offer is called "Countered Offer". Now it is buyer's turn to either accept, decline or counter the offer. Countering process can continue till both parties agree to a common price and shipping policy.

Accepting the Offer: Once both parties agree to a price and shipping policy, the offer can be accepted. Immediately an invoice is generated and the buyer gets the chance to make payment for those parts. Both parties can agree to a point whether payment has to be made via our integrated PayPalTM system or offline via credit card. If buyer wants to make payment via PartingOut.com, the "Make Payment" button is visible on the invoice page

Declining the Offer: Even after proper negotiation, if both parties are not ready to agree to a common price or shipping policy, the offer can be declined.

Please note that countering, accepting or declining the offer can be done only once and cannot be changed. Each and every action gets recorded. The offer remains live till the selected validity period. If any party does not respond back within the selected period, that offer gets expired and the buyer has to initiate a new offer.

Throughout this entire process, PartingOut.com completely keeps this data secured and private. Only the responding seller and buyer can see and negotiate the deal and for every action taken, our alert system alerts the receiving party via interal alerts and emails.

If the seller has listed parts in his listing, he gets the option to mark that part as "Buy It Now". This option enables buyers to purchase those parts immediately at the price stated by the seller. An invoice is generated once the parts have been bought and buyer is allowed to make payment. To differentiate "Buy It Now" parts from other parts, PartingOut.com marks them with a small cart icon shown just besides that part name.

PartingOut.com keeps a record of all the parts bought or sold. They can be viewed under Parts Sold page. Please note, currently PartingOut.com allows buyers to purchase one part at a time via "Buy It Now" feature.

Once a deal is complete, a copy of the Invoice is emailed to both parties and you may review it at any time from the "Parts Sold" tab of your dashboard.

The buyer gets the chance to make payment via our integrated PayPalTM system or pay offline via Credit card. The seller will need to confirm that payment has been received before they ship the part. Once the payment is made using our integrated PayPalTM system, the site automatically updates the invoice to reflect that payment was received. Alternatively, you may negotiate another mode of payment with the seller (outside of PartingOut.com), and they can manually update the invoice to reflect received payment.

Once it's been verified that the seller has received payment, they will be responsible for shipping the part to you. They will update the invoice in PartingOut.com to indicate that the part has been shipped, which will generate an email to the buyer along with a shipment tracking id (if the seller provides one).

If you wish to cancel a transaction, you will need to work this out with the seller you made the deal with. If they agree to it the seller can "Void" the transaction, which releases both parties from the deal. A record of the voided transaction will remain in your "Parts Sold" page for reference.

Returns or refunds are handled differently by every seller, and you should familiarize yourself with their policies before making an offer. Return, shipping, and warranty policies for the seller can be viewed on the vehicle listing itself. You will contact the seller directly to address any transaction-related issues after the deal on PartingOut.com is finalized.

To encourage a fair business environment PartingOut.com offers a feedback mechanism so that buyers and sellers can rate each other. A seller's feedback rating is displayed in the "Seller Billboard", the top right area of every vehicle listing.

Immediately after a transaction is complete, both buyer and seller may rate each other from the Invoice page on that transaction (an email will be sent with a link to the rating screen). They may also enter in comments. This opportunity to rate each other is open forever. Both parties can rate each other only once. Ratings cannot be edited once submitted.

By looking at a seller's transaction count and feedback rating, buyers get a fair assessment of the credibility and reputation of sellers.

Many times, sellers do not wish to list parts on the vehicle listing they have posted. This does not mean that the seller does not have those parts. Fortunately, there's a way to request those parts from the seller and make an offer on them in one easy step. Just click the "Make Offer" button shown on the listing. You'll be able to choose the parts you want, and create an offer on it. Those parts gets added to that offer as "Buyer Selected Parts". Only you and the seller will be able to see a Buyer Selected Part that you add. The seller gets an alert about your offer and it's treated just as if you made an offer on a part that was listed.

When someone creates an account on PartingOut.com, by default they become buyers. They are allowed to search listings, ask queries, make offers or create parts wanted listings. To become a seller, you just need to setup your seller profile. You can visit "My Account" page where you see a tab called "Seller Profile". Simply enter all your details and submit it. Once your seller profile is setup, you are ready to create Parting Out listings.

Setting up seller profile has been divided into 4 little sections where each and every section is important and mandatory.

  • Section #1: Setup your mailing and shipping address. This step is very important for every buyer and seller.
  • Section #2: Setup your bio, paypal email address and setup taxes. Bio helps buyers know who you are and what you do. Through taxes, you can select different states and add a tax rate to it. On every successful transaction the buyer will be applied taxes if he does not have a tax number.
  • Section #3: Setup your shipping and return policies.
  • Section #4: Setup your warranty terms for seller and buyer selected parts. Seller Listed Parts (SLP) are the parts that you add to your listing. Buyer Selected Parts (BSP) are the one's that you haven't added to your listing but the buyer has made an offer on.

Setting up your seller profile is a one time process. But you are allowed to edit that profile anytime.

No! Currently PartingOut.com do not apply any listing fees. For more details, checkout our Fees Policy

Once you have finished setting up your seller profile, you will be allowed to create Parting Out listings.

Creating a listing is a two step process. You begin by clicking on "Create PartingOut Listing" from your dashboard or the link available under navigation bar. On the first step you have to enter all vehicle details like Year, Make, Model, Body Type, Trim and other details. You have to follow the same procedure anytime you wish to create a new listing.

Once the vehicle details are entered and submitted, you move on to second step. Here you get the option to upload vehicle picture, add parts and specify vehicle's current condition. Click on "Save" once your enter all details.

If you wish to quit or leave before the listing is posted live, that listing gets saved in "Draft Mode". All your listings are available under "My Listings" where you can view and edit any listing anytime you wish. When you're ready to make it live, click on the "Save & Publish" button and that listing becomes visible for general public and gets listed on PartingOut.com.

Partingout.com keeps a track of all your listings. They are available under "My Listings" where you can view and edit any listing anytime you wish. Once a listing is published, you will not be able to edit the vehicle specs. However, you can still add/change photos and add/change parts. Note that there are certain conditions for updating previously published parts details.

  • If you currently have offers on a part you cannot edit that part until all offers on it are resolved (by accepting, declining, or allowing them to expire).
  • If you want to delete a part and if that part has a live offer, you must first decline that offer or let it expire. Only then you are allowed to delete that part.

PartingOut.com keeps a track of all the offers you have received till date. You can see them on "My Offers" page.

If you want to compare offers on the same parts, you must first navigate to the vehicle listing. If you are logged in, you will be able to see the offers you made or received on different parts for that listing. Offers are sorted by parts, allowing you to get an at-a-glance view of activity on that particular listing.

As a seller, you have the option to Void a transaction anytime after a deal has been finalized. This essentially cancels the transaction and allows you to relist the parts that were sold. Voiding a transaction can only be done from the Invoice page. Some reasons for voiding a transaction may be:

  • Mutual agreement between you and the buyer for any reason.
  • You did not receive payment from the buyer
  • You found out the part is damaged/missing/wrong part, etc. and you cannot deliver it
  • The buyer has requested a cancellation or refund

It is advisable to communicate with the buyer prior to voiding a transaction so that everyone knows what to expect and why. This will protect you from receiving negative feedback from the buyer. If you already received payment from the buyer you will be responsible for handling refunds or adjustments. A record of the voided transaction will remain in your sales history for reference.

When you add parts to your listings, you get the option to enable the feature called "Buy It Now" on each part. This option enables buyers to purchase those parts immediately at the price stated by the seller. An invoice is generated once the parts have been bought and buyer is allowed to make payment. To differentiate "Buy It Now" parts from other parts, PartingOut.com marks them with a small cart icon shown just besides that part name.

PartingOut.com keeps a record of all the parts bought or sold. They can be viewed under Parts Sold page. Please note, currently PartingOut.com allows buyers to purchase one part at a time via "Buy It Now" feature.

We strive hard to keep our commissions low on PartingOut.com by keeping our overhead costs low and encouraging community-based support. If you have any questions you can always shoot us an email at info@partingout.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to submit a suggestion/feedback please click here. You will benefit from the feedback and assistance of other users of PartingOut.com. We are always actively looking to improve PartingOut.com and welcome your inputs.